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Pallet Racking

We understand that each business wants to make the most of available space, therefore finding the storage solution that match your business needs is vital. KDL will work with you, taking into account the type of goods you store, the floor space available and the equipment you use in recommending the best system. Our types of pallet racking systems include:




This is the simplest of racking systems and allows direct access to every pallet and is easily adjustable to cater for changes in pallet sizes. Therefore this offers a degree of flexibility for change. This is an easy system for KDL's SEIRS accredited teams to install keeping project installation times to a minimum.

Narrow Aisle systems maximise the capacity of your warehouse or storage area by reducing the width of aisles between lanes by half in comparison to a wide aisle system. This therefore offers a higher density option increasing the potential storage capacity of your warehouse.

Push Back pallet racking offers one of the most space and time efficient pallet storage systems available. This is a first in, last out system and is often used in marshaling areas and for bulk storage and handling.




Pallet Live offers extremely live areas of storage density and is excellent for automatic stock rotation with limited use of fork lift trucks. This system is a first in, first out solution therefore ideal for environments for when stock date is important e.g. the food industry.

Double Deep is very similar to wide aisle pallet racking, however this system allows pallets to be stored two deep at each pick face. Therefore increasing the pallet capacity in your warehouse.

Cantilever is the perfect solution for the safe and organised storage of long goods and bulky parts. This is because of the design of this racking due to it being completely open front.


Drive in racking offers dense pallet storage and is one of the most space efficient pallet racking systems. Whereas most pallet racking systems an aisle is required for each pick face, with Drive in an aisle allows you to service multiple pick faces and gain access to full lanes of pallets. Ideal for bulk storage and is a first in, last out pallet storage solution.

Pallet Racking Benefits

Finding the right system can have the following benefits for your business

Maximise the use of your existing floor space

KDL design can match to any requirements you may have

Combine pallet racking with your other types of storage

Allows you to restructure to meet business expansion plans

Increase the efficiency in your warehouse operations

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