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At KDL we provide a high quality and professional racking inspection and racking repair service. A detailed inspection report outlining the damaged areas and a list or materials will be issued and we will repair the damage at a competitive cost saving you the need to replace the racking.


Why do I Need a Pallet Racking Inspection?

At first minor damage to your racking may seem unimportant but the day to day knocks, scrapes and bangs your racking receives added to any overloading can have cause a damaging long term effect.


A racking inspection is important to identify where this cumulative damage has reduced the structural integrity and load bearing capacity of your racking leading to a racking failure. Failure to inspect could lead to expensive damage to your stock, putting your employees at risk, leaving your business open to HSE litigation.


Regular racking inspection will highlight these small areas of damage resulting in repairs being done on the spot with little disruption, without having long term effects on productivity or leave your business open to a more costly problem. Regular rack safety inspections can also help reduce both insurance premiums and maintenance costs. Increasingly insurers are insisting on regular rack inspections.

Is it a legal requirement to having my racking inspected?

Yes, Pallet Rack inspections are a statutory requirement under Health and Safety Legislation (Health and Safety at Work Act 1974). A Regular racking inspection will also fulfil your obligations under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998.


SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association) recommends that an inspection is carried out by technically competent person – KDL can satisfy this requirement and also a KDL Inspection will produce a report highlighting where you will be able to keep your pallet racking to a legally acceptable standard.

How often should I have an inspection?

A bi-annual inspection using a technically competent person is the SEMA recommendation – but you should look at a number of factors that could influence the frequency i.e. the type of business, the equipment used etc. Following an installation your racking should be inspected as soon as possible – ideally before the racks are even loaded.


By regularly monitoring and reporting on accidents and damage will help to identify potential problems before they become a long term problem.

Why choose KDL Racking Inspections and Repairs?

KDL’s Pallet Racking inspection will be carried out by a SEMA registered inspector using SEMA codes of practice including acceptance levels for evaluating and characterising racking damage. A report will be issued on completion of the inspection with recommendations for remedial actions. As part of the inspection the racking will be assessed to determine its safe working load capacities.


Some of the benefits of using KDL are:


A SEMA standard inspection – we only use SEMA registered inspectors complying with the latest requirements

Racking repairs – we will look to repair any type of damage conforming to SEMA standards and guidelines and
we only use the highest quality materials ensuring the racking can be fully utilised again.

Cost Savings – KDL can save you money on racking repairs and racking protection

Minimal disruption to productivity – KDL operate across the UK using our SEMA trained racking inspectors and SEIRS
qualified repair team

A Comprehensive Report – that details the condition of your racking and shelving and identifies every damaged
component outlining the level of risk using the SEMA classification system.



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